Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Venice, My Love (Day 1)

My vacation outfits mostly consisted of shorts, loose tops, dresses and flats.

 We literally walked into every little caffe, even if it was to just admire the food. The Pizzas were soo good and great for our 'on the go'

 I found the shots around the water really beautiful. I could just sit there and stare all day. 

 Husband (so weird to say that now) giving his best 'Reflecting' pose.

Day 1 of our honeymoon began in Venice. Venice was 
absolutely stunning and as romantic as I imagined. We 
arrived there in the morning, checked into our super cute, 
yet super tiny hotel room then spent the entire day exploring the city. 
Venice is the most gorgeously built city that I have ever had the 
pleasure of visiting; literally everything is built of marble. 
The food was also just as wonderful. I will never 
look at pasta in the States the same way again.


  1. beautiful pictures :) i love ur outfit as well! cute top!

  2. great post and nice blog


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