Saturday, June 9, 2012

" And it's not even my birthday..."

Happy Early Birthday to Me! Actually, it isn't until Next Tuesday, but Fiance got me my first Michael Kors piece for my birthday. I absolutely love it because this makes TWO watches that I now own...yes only two. My wrist is soo tiny that I can never find a watch in store (that doesn't have to be altered) that fits my wrist so I never bother with with most bangles too. They just don't fit me :( However, I got this altered ASAP and I am already in love with the huge watch face. What do you guys think? I think I may go get it in rose gold also.

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  1. happy birthday in advance! I love the watch and it fits you perfectly after being altered...
    enjoy your lovely weekend

  2. happy birthday and looks like your fiancé did good! :) i have similar problems with some bangles with my small wrists! enjoy your special day!

    xx heidi
    life full of loves

  3. Really nice present, watch is lovely :)

  4. hbd darling,totally want ur watch

  5. Aww cute present from your fiance! Love the watch!
    happy birthday for next week <3

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    Chloe Polo

  6. It's funny that the face of the watch takes up your entire wrist! I have the same problem though. Even at their smallest they can be too big (Who has these giant wrists?) I usually push them up my forearm and say it's a look.

  7. Lucky girl... I've been wanting an MK watch like forever!


  8. Thats beautiful! You're lucky ;)

    I never bother with watches too, I would for a Michael Kors one or a vintage Casio, but other than that, I have my phone to check the hour, and it also does a lot more things ... haha

    Thanks for stopping by!



  9. Me encanta y la mezcla de los tres colores no puede ser mas acertada.besos.


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