Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How To Love

My purple eye make up with my turquoise eye liner. Keno was being noisy in the background. He's always looking for something to get into. I love him even though he's driving me nuts right now. Does your dog start to panic when he sees you pull out a suitcase also?

Time to get my eyebrows threaded

Fish and Philly Cheese steak Tacos

Barbecue, Fish and Chicken Tacos

Wondering what nails to do for tomorrow. Should I do this blue with gold?

Or should I do white with gold? So many people have actually complimented me on my nails this past week and are asking me how I did them and if I will do theirs...I think I may actually attempt to make a youtube video about how to do the ones I have in the picture above.

Reading materials...totally missed making a wedding post this past Saturday. 
(1) Learning how to deal with a guy and his bromance = dealing with being ignored
(2) Blasting Lil Wayne's song: "How To Love" ---oddly enough I love it
(3) Craving lemon pepper wings
(4) experimenting with eyeliners in all types of colors
(5) Loving nail blogs on tumblr

Friday, August 26, 2011

Clearing the Storm

Happy Friday! Fortunately enough, my state is one of the few east coast states projected to be out of the way of Hurricane Irene. Thank God for that, but I do pray that all of those in it's path stay safe and are evacuating as advised. An earthquake (thankfully nothing major) and a hurricane in one week? geesh! My Outfit for today is in light of the last minute barbecue that fiance has decided to have. I don't think I've worn this plaid shirt since winter and I do love the bright red. So excited for my trip next week to California. Can you believe that I've never been to the west coast??

 Wearing: H&M plaid shirt, Target shorts, Steve Madden flats

Keep safe guys!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's a 10 miracle leave-in

I don't normally try new products on my hair like I use to back in undergrad because I soon became overwhelmed with a cabinet full of products I didn't use and im sure a few hundred dollars throughout the year that I could have saved back then. Instead, for the past 2 years Ive used the same shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, and argan oil. Last week however, I heard what felt like the millionth person raving about this leave in called its a 10. I was skeptical to try it being that for one thing, I couldn't find it anywhere and when I did find it was like 15 bucks for a tiny bottle. I caved though obviously. Tried it a few hours ago and loves it!

 It left my hair soo silky that I think its my new staple! My hair is so soft and shiny. This is what it claims to do:
1. Repairs dry damaged hair. You may have to use this more than once to know if it actually does this.
2. Adds shine. My hair is definitely shiny.
3. Smoothes and controls frizz. Yep, it does. My hair is super frizzy when I wash it so it definitely controlled that.
4. Seals and protects hair color. Never dyed my hair, I have no idea.
5. Detangles. I give it a 10 for this too.
6. Prevents split ends. I hope this is true. I'll let you know after a couple more uses how true this is.
7. Stops hair breakage. I hope so. Didn't see many fly aways when I was blow drying.
8. Creates silkiness. I give it a 10 for this.
9. Enhances natural body. My hair has loads of body
10. Flat iron spray and thermal protector. Protected my hair pretty well.

In other news, I totally fell in love with the venue I visited today. A few people discouraged me from looking at hotels as reception venues but I really loved the venue as well as being able to look at pictures from the last couple of wedding receptions hosted there. Sooo pretty! On to venue number 2...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

White Bottoms

Yay, going to look at my first wedding reception venue today! So excited! Summers almost over (though itll still be warm here till at least October) but I decided that I would try to get as much wear out of my shorts as possible. Do you ever feel like you sometimes never have the accessories you need to finish off an outfit? I am always in need of necklaces and belts...
 Wearing: Target shorts, Elie Tahari wedges, hat from Kohls, H&M fringe purse

Belts I love...

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Nails: Tribal Nails

Should be asleep but I am up watching Jurassic Park like its the first time I ever saw it. (This movie, Home Alone, and Bridget's Diary, I watch every single time its on tv. Never gets old to me) So here are my nails for the week. I've always wanted to try a tribal design but didn't think I could get my hands steady enough to freehand small triangles. So I think I did triangles on maybe 2 fingers. I just doodled something random on the others lol! Hope it doesn't look stupid because I like it a lot. lol! I tried to do something incorporating Opi's Shatter that every went crazy for a few months back but I still don't like Shatter. Anyone have any luck with it? It only does the cracking thing sometimes and I just think that it looks terrible on my nails. What a waste for me...

Thanks for reading and follow if you like! Rach.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Wedding Saturdays

So, this is my first wedding post! Yay! Wedding planning, as I am understanding it, is suppose to be a fun time. However, I have easily seen how stressful it can get. I am currently in the process of booking a venue for the ceremony and reception which is very difficult because it all depends on how many guests I am trying to invite. Having a big family and a mother who knows everyone in town doesn't make it any better. I had intended on the wedding not having anymore that 200 guests but preliminary lists from my mom and I show that we have already crossed that limit. lol. Not sure what I should do at the moment besides trying to cut down the list (which will of course offend ppl) but I don't want to start looking at bigger venues. (The plus 1 situation doesn't help either). Top on my list though is the Piedmont Room. Possibly the garden tent but I'm not sure how to plan an outdoor wedding not knowing what the weather would be like a year from now on that specific date. This venue will hold 200 tops

Another option is the ballrooms of the two Renaissance hotels located in Atlanta. I've seen pictures from a couple of weddings done in these hotels and they look fabulous. Plus they can hold more than 200 people, but I can't imagine how ridiculous pricing for the food is going to be since very few places allow outside catering.

Our other options are the Fox Theatre and Villa Serena. So much to do...
As for dates, we have picked one!!! August 25, 2012 will be the date we hope (pending venues).
We've also decided that we wanted to have the color Lavender (and other purples) in the color scheme. Not exactly sure yet? what color schemes including purples do you guys suggest??

My planning aide:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flirty Skirt

Quick shots in the Blazing Georgia heat. Today I'm wearing this pin stripe (I guess you cant really tell) top from H&M and this flirty little skirt from Forever 21. Shoes are from Forever 21 also.


Gotta go....Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Nails: Triangles

Did my nails an hour ago...took forever, but I love them! Got some goodies from Sally Beauty (i watched one of DulceCandy's videos of her Sally Beauty haul and felt a sudden urge to go today. I didnt realize how much of a sucker I was for nail art. They had soo many things on sale that left with wayy more that I had planned. I picked up some more nail colors, brushes, decals (never used decals before). Also got so goodies for my hair. I'll have to take a picture of everything and show you guys. Here are some quick pictures of my nails.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Seriously...Cut It Out

Sorry that I missed you guys yesterday. I was in Tennessee over the weekend for a friends wedding and was completely exhausted. The drive was only 4 hours but it felt like soo much longer. I've never driven through Tennessee before and the drive makes me want to go lodging in the mountains sometime soon. I've been looking at some party dresses at lulus.com and noticed that soo many of the dresses were cut out dresses. I love the style but I'm not sure if I am bold enough to rock it...lol. Let alone if it is more of something you would find a college student wearing instead of someone a couple years or more older? I find them somewhat sexy however and would really love to own one of them to go out on the town with the girls or just with Fiance. Date Night anyone?

All of these dresses except the last are from Lulus. The floral one is from Asos and is more of an everyday dress. Too cute! Are any of you bold enough to rock the cut out?

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