Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday!!!!

Thank God that its already friday. Today is just a beautiful day...especially compared to the tornado weather we had 2 days ago. In my more than 20 years of living in Georgia, I have never been soo terrified of stormy weather so i'm glad that the sun is now blazing at 80 something degrees right now. Anyone have any awesome plans for the weekend? I plan to spend my weekend outdoors, actually that is pretty much how I've spent my last 3 weekends. I love love love this floral skirt that I am wearing as well as these Sam Edelman sandals. They are my favorite flat sandals if you haven't figured that out yet.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At The Present....

I'm loving that it is no longer Monday. For some reason without fail, Mondays are sooo long and I feel like the weekend is even further away.
I'm also loving that my lemon pepper chicken for dinner turned out soo well. I found this recipe on another blog.

I am eating some french toast from the freezer section of the grocer's because I am too lazy to make my own from scratch. I am drinking Simply Orange juice. I love their whole line. Simply Limeade, Raspberry Lemonade, Apple Juice, they are all so yum!

I am wearing this black and white print skirt which has shrunk like 2 sizes since I purchased it making it extremely short. But with the 87 degree weather is sooo necessary

I'm impatiently waiting for all of the seeds that I planted to germinate. Not sure where the gardener in me came from nor am I sure if i am capable of keeping a plant alive. We shall see how my vegetable garden turns out in the next few weeks. I hope that I can at least grow an herb or two. Any gardener tips for seedlings? :)

I'm adding to my list of to dos for the week. 1) Buy graduation gifts, 2) Mother's Day gift, 3) Put together a portfolio, 4) Learn how to use a lawn mower, 5) Purchase spring/summer dresses, 6) Get cruise ready for next month (Grand Caymans here I come), among other things.

Listening to: Adele's 21 cd. Anyone who isn't a fan is absolutely crazy! Not only is she a talented writer...she can actually sing too (don't see that nowadays)!!

Reading: Adobe Illustrator tutorials (boring I know)

Purchasing: my first article of clothing since Fat Tuesday. Can't believe I went sooo long. Yay me and my savings account.

I will be making a Tomato Basil and Mozzarella pizza for lunch.

Supposed to be: completing a brochure for a client.

Wondering: why I find trash like the Bad Girls Club entertaining. These girls are soo stupid it's funny. Why am I watching this? Time to put all the episodes of Glee I missed on rotation now.

Loving: more workouts outside in the warmth. Time to start running again.  

Hating: The condition of my iphone. I dropped it in paint thinner last week and will definitely need replacement parts :| At least it turns on still I guess....

Until next time.... Check out the AWESOME jewelry giveaway at Trend Wisely

Monday, April 25, 2011

An Easter State of Mind

So I decided to revive my graduation dress from last year for Easter because it just makes me soo happy wearing these colors. Hope your Easter was great because mine certainly was.

 Wearing: Dress from Kohls, BCBG wedges, random belt

 Really awkward picture that I only included because 
1. You guys really must check out Essie's Turquoise and caicos nail color..absolutely gorgeous on my nails. AND it matched my dress. This is totally my color for the month of April and May.
2. Using Black Soap has totally cleared up my face and my skin tone is almost totally even. Score! you guys really must try it. 

My Easter State of Mind
 Love this really overpriced dress by Shoshanna from shopbop. The color is just divine!

 This really cute yet simple earrings from an Etsy seller

 Love these flats I found at Modcloth

I want these floral shorts from Forever 21.

I am soo in the need of a very large shopping trip. May have to get that accomplished sometime this week since I will be attending graduations every weekend (more than likely) for the month of May.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun Surprises

My friend invited me to a party for the Atlantan Magazine. I was quite surprised when I got my ticket and saw that James Blunt was to perform because I love his songs!

The appetizers were excellent!

Saks Fifth Avenue hosted a fashion show during the event.

The Venue was absolutely gorgeous

Not sure what this was still but it was good.
hate this picture of me but its the only picture I had with me which was not taken with my iphone. lol

James Blunt 

Not sure who Christini Perri is

But I did get to meet Chilli from TLC!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Recollections

Finally finished designing and ordering my business cards for my graphic/webdesign business. This is the front side of it...

Made some bofrot the other day. What is bofrot you ask? Well wikipedia says that it is similar to a doughnut. It reminds me personally of a funnel cake or beignets.  In Ghana, its called Bofrot, but it's known as Puff Puff in Nigeria. The dough batter consists of flour, yeast, sugar salt, water, and nutmeg. You cook it by frying it then you roll it in sugar. Yum!

 I've been really into gardening lately (as I mentioned in yesterday's post). I just love all of the colors and combining the different flowers outside to spruce up the house. I never had the opportunity to do any gardening when I lived in my apartment, needless to say that I never had to worry about keeping the grass under a certain height and getting rid of weeds, etc. All the stuff you never signed up for, lol.  But aren't flowers soo beautiful?? Despite my allergies, I just love all of it.

 So I have a release party to attend tonight and I am in need of something to wear. I can't decide on whether I want to go with my BCBG one shoulder dress
this strapless poof dress that I also love. I am thinking of pairing bright colored heels with either dress to add some oomph to it. Which one do you guys like better? 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Polka-dotted Party

Hope your weekend was absolutely awesome. My was fabulous! I got to do a lot of gardening with the Boyfriend (I have to show you guys the beautiful flowers tomorrow), attended a bridal shower, and shared awesome meals with old and new friends. I brought out my Zac Posen for Target Dress that I purchased last year and never wore. Decided to test it out at my friend's bridal shower and I got many compliments on it. I actually think that they are still selling this dress on the Target website. Most people has a problem with the not so much. I loved the way it was tailored and it fit perfectly. It is such a fun and flirty dress I feel. Wish that all my dresses fit me the same way.

Kind of wrinkled here I shouldve taken pictures at the beginning of the day.

Speaking of dresses though, I am having a really difficult time deciding what dress to wear for Easter. Anyone else enjoy bringing out spring/summer dresses for Easter? Here are some dresses from Modcloth and Forever21 that I am absolutely adoring.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mojitos and My Special Skirt.

Finally made a drinkable Mojito! Lol! I realized that I was totally leaving out an important ingredient which was lime. I found a recipe off of but hated it. One, it had no lime in it; Two, I ended up having to double up and triple up on things in order to get it to taste decent. Random but anyone else excited for Cinco de Mayo???

So whats so special about this skirt you ask? I'm sure it may just look like a blah skirt to some of you but the awesome thing about this skirt is that it use to be a dress. After some frustration with trying to find a seamstress to make alterations to some of my clothes for a reasonable price, I made an impulse buy and invested in a sewing machine. Of course it doesnt sound absolutely ridiculous, but being that I can barely hand sew a button on it very much is. After 2 long hours of watching tutorials. I was able to configure my new sewing machine and sew a straight line, buttons, and all the basics. I decided to tackle my first project. I had this dress that my sister bought me for my last birthday but I have never worn because I thought that the dress made me look even younger that I already look. So I started chopping it up and TADA! I even have a belt which can substitute for a little necktie/scarf. What do you guys think! I am going to try tackling another skirt tomorrow!

Love the detailing on my Blowfish Sandals

Keno being goofy

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