Monday, February 28, 2011

I Bought, I Want, I Need

As the warmer weather moves in, I have been doing some early spring cleaning and have been thinking about items that I want to add to my closet. I've been welcoming prints with open arms and filling large holes that I feel like I have in my closet. More dresses and skirts and less denim (I wear pants wayy to often). More bright colors and less dark colors.

First up are some dresses that I MUST have...

Urban Outfitters Cooperative Linen Day Dress ($59). I just love the colors in this dress and it would be wonderful for spring and fall. I already have shoes that would look awesome with it.

Madewell Palm Prints Dress ($128). I love the print in this dress

ASOS Floral Chiffon Bandeau Dress ($62.76). Love the Layered skirt on this dress.

Skirts and shorts are very much a must for the warm weather also...

Forever 21 Daisy Skirt ($17.80). Can't find this in my size in any of the stores. I may need to place an order if I still can't find it next month. 

ModCloth Timeshare shorts ($34.99). Aren't These just too cute???

ASOS Spot Frill Hem Skort ($43.03). I don't normally care for skorts but this, I must have.

I have also been eyeing clogs for the spring. Particularly, Jeffrey Campbell Sisleys

I also love these Miss America Wendy shoes from DSW

Lastly, I love this purse that I found at TJMaxx not too long ago. At first I was skeptical about buying it because I wondered whether it looked like it could ONLY serve as a beach bag but I think its a cute springy summer tote in general and will probably double as a purse in the summer.

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Friday!!!

Hey guys! Yes, I am still alive, lol! So sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have had the week from hell under the disguise of a 2 day bar exam, being sick with a throat infection, and trying to finish some graphic design projects for some clients. OMG, so glad that it is over, well I still feel a bit sick but I am glad everything else is over. and done. I have been soo busy this week that I was not able to get any outfit pictures taken, so sad. I was able to take a picture of myself trying on some BCBG jeans that I got but thats about it for the week. Hopefully now that my big exam is over with, I can return to my regular posting of many times per week. I am actually going to try to do a whole Monday through Friday type posting schedule for the most part. Well anyway, I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and definitely look forward to a post on Monday!

Also, below is the final picture of one of the lamps I showed you guys last week. I have not received the shade for the other lamp yet like I thought i would so I have to show you guys that one when its done. This lamp shade I did myself because I couldnt find a shade that matched my pillows as I wanted so I just purchased a cheap white one and some fabric glue and then doodled a bit. I hope it doesnt seem too plain, lol!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Sneak peak: DIY lamp revamp

So I got these two lamps for free which clearly were no going to match anything in the house because one was peach with leaf detail as you can see below and the other was shiny gold at one point but since it is like 15 years old it looked really beat up. Instead of allowing them to be thrown out, you will be amazed what a little spray paint can do....
 Before (I actually forgot to take a picture of it before I started priming this one but you can still tell that it was gold at some point.

I gave the peach one a light brown stone actually feels stone wall like which is cool. The other one I made all black. I will show you guys the final product with the lamp shades and all next week. Boyfriend and I also turned a desk hutch that was going to be thrown out into a hallway. Stay tuned next week...

Sunny Fridays

Happy Fridays Fellow Readers!!! Today had been pretty warm thus far. I pulled out some more pink out of my closet today and paired it with a button up that I haven't worn in a while. This button up and I have a love/hate relationship. I love this top because of the floral print thats lined on the inside of the top but peeks through the collar and sleeves. I hate this top though because no matter how hard I try and what I use, I can NEVER get it to stay ironed for more than 15 minutes. Anyone have any secrets to keeping wrinkles out of a shirt? Have any love/hate relationships with any of your clothing? I've been spray painting lamps all morning so there will be another post today about out I took some old lamps and revamped them... yay!

 Wearing: Random Shirt, Forever 21 Dress, Blowfish Boots, Jewelry from F21, Karmaloop and Macys


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hey There, Stud

Loving Studded Details right now. These pictures make me want to order some studs online and stud out a blazer or even some shoes. Reminds me of bedazzling but with studs instead...

Until then, I will be happy with my studded out tank...
 Wearing: Lush Tank, Levi Skinnies, Forever 21 Bolero & Accessories, Random Velvet Flats

Also loving this nail color right now from Essie called Lapis of Luxury from one of Essie's older collections. Its a sort of light denim color I want to say.

You do need a good three coats of this for a nice opaque finish (like most Essie Polishes it takes a few coats). I like the color a lot!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I love a guy who isn't afraid to show his love for the woman he loves. Ever since I was younger, I have always admired the men in the movies who show their woman how much they love them by doing something off the wall. Kind of like in the Notebook (one of my favorite chick flicks) where Noah is hanging from the ferris wheel to try to get Allie to go out with him... Well maybe not that drastic, lol. But I love gestures. 

I'm happy to say that I am loved by a man who I actually believe will do something crazy like that for me. He does EVERYTHING in his might to put a smile on my face. I love him soo freakin much and thank God for sending him to me. Maybe you aren't able to say that about a significant other, but I am of the belief that Valentines Day is for everyone. First thing I did when I woke up this morning was call my mother to tell her how much I loved her. Single or not, today is a day to show your loved ones how you feel (even though I hope you do this more than once a year). Be thankful for them because you never know when you could lose them. Hold them close to your heart, they deserve it.
Can't wait till Boyfriend gets home from work :) He woke me up 2 hours early this morning because he made me breakfast. I was upset because I never eat so early in the morning and I love my sleep but It was soo sweet of him trying to be all chef-like.
 Love all my fellow readers!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Moments that last a lifetime

Had an aMAZing weekend. Yeah, usually that means I got nothing substantive done, lol. I got to hang out with my bestie and celebrate with my sisters (their picture down below). Happy 23rd you guys! I also got to meet some really cool people. We did dinner at some Mexican restaurant which wasn't the best experience in the world. Uncle Julios? I had never heard of it and the food just wasn't good. Plus for the prices, it just wasn't worth it. Then we headed to a lounge to party and somehow ended up with a VIP section. My sisters had a great time so I enjoyed year I will be picking the restaurant though. Bad food is just a NO.

They were just too cute!!

Brain Spasms....

1. Valentine's Day is just around the, tomorrow. Are you guys ready?? I know that I am. Got Boyfriends gift like 10 seconds ago which is totally last minute. Don't know where we are going or even what we are doing. I really don't like surprises either...

2. I totally failed my restriction on not buying any clothes this month. Evidenced by the pictures in my last post. #FAIL. Have to practice more self restrain.

3. I have been really getting into decor lately and trying to revamp old furniture, etc..IKEA Hackers and Madebygirl like my favorite websites right now. Are any of you guys into decor? What are your favorite websites or blogs?

4. I am not really one to wear lipstick because I usually think most shades look odd on me but I have been really into pink lip shades lately.
 Wearing: H&M blazer, Urban Outfitters top, Forever21 jeans, Steve Madden shoes

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday guys! I know that I have been posting soo much less than usual, February has just been really busy for me so far. So first let me start off by saying that I decided to try waxing my underarms for the very first time an hour ago....can you say ouch??? I'm not usually a complaining person when it comes to hair removal pain (i am a huge fan of getting hair threaded), but OUCH! So I will be wearing a sleeveless dress tonight for my sisters' birthday party tonight and had that oh crap I need to shave moment. I really was dreading shaving because I vowed last year to stop (I just get wayy too much skin irritation) so my options were to go to a salon and wait in the Friday crowd to get a wax or do it myself. I chose option 2. I didn't research the different brands like I normally do and just went with the Sally Hansen waxing strip kit. I guess I eventually got all the hair off, but ohh the pain and I almost used up the whole box. Not sure thats normal. Does anyone else wax their underarms? What do you use? I think the anticipation of pulling of the strips and welcoming the pain killed me even more. I think I'll go to a professional next time. They look great Beauty=Pain?

In other news, While out shopping for birthday gifts, I found some of the cutest things...

 I scored these Elizabeth and James heels from Nordstrom rack for well under $100. Can't wait for spring so I can wear them!

 Also scored this really cute lace dress that I may be wearing for Valentines Day.

 AND this lovely blazer from H&M

Well, I have to go finish up so work and get ready for the evening! Hopefully I'll have a post for you guys tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Floral Tights

In a rebellious attempt to force a little spring into my life, I decided to give floral tights a whirl. I really like them but didn't really take into account that the tights are really sheer and probably not for 30 degree weather. Next time I wear these outside, I may be wearing another pair of tights underneath them, LOL! On another note, so excited to celebrate my sisters' bday this weekend. They are turning 23 on Thursday and I am feeling so old. Needless to say, I hope they aren't reading this because I have yet to find their birthday gifts. I hope that you guys are having a great Tuesday!

 Wearing tights from Target, Top from, Blue dress from Karmaloop, boots from DSW.

Yesterday's dinner....

I made some tomato basil sauce from scratch and tossed some pasta in it. I've been experimenting with making my own pasta sauces. Boyfriend gave me a 10! Yes!

I've been stalking lately....aren't these just drool worthy??
Dolce Vita

 Jeffrey Campbell


P.S. Thanks to all of you who have been reading!!! Lots of love,

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