Friday, July 1, 2011

Turn It Up To Max...

Woot woot! It's Friday! June literally flew straight by. It's Fourth of July weekend and I plan on doing absolutely NOTHING. Just kidding, im sure I will at least be eating and sleeping...maybe even grilling a bit. Who knows? I'm about to get very crafty with my dessert cook book later today. Anyone have any awesome plans for the fourth of July weekend? I've never actually gone to see fireworks on the fourth so maybe I should try to fit some of that in this weekend. 
I actually wore this outfit yesterday but had no time to upload it. This is one of the skirts Boyfriend got me for my birthday... Isnt it purrty??
 Wearing: Forever 21 skirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

 These earrings are one of my favorites.

Have A Happy July 4th Weekend!!! And stay safe! There are crazies out there, lol


  1. Loving that dress! You look pretty. What color is the polish ur wearing on your toes? It is hot!

  2. You look beautiful, honey!Love the maxi!xoxo

  3. So....I've been eyeing this skirt on the website and you look GREAT in it...I am now sold....Very cute on you!

  4. Love it!!! These colors look fabulous on you and are so perfect for summer!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Happy holiday weekend!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  5. Oh that's a beautiful skirt!!

  6. You look gorgeous! I love that skirt!


    Erin @

  7. wow ! thats a beautiful skirt ! love it ♥

  8. Thanks for the comments guys!!! I soo very much appreciate them all :)

  9. Your boyfriend got you a nice skirt. I would get if for me so the man got good taste. In New York, you got to be out because there's so much to do.

    It is about time for people like us to start taking the fashion world by storm in a industry that is not often representing us. Thanks for your comment. Following you on Twitter also.

  10. @Girl Rates World: I totally missed your question, so sorry! Its Turquoise and Caicos by Essie. I LOVE it! Im already done with my first bottle, I think I may have to go buy a few more of it. I wish I knew how to keep nail polish longer then I would buy like 10 lol.
    @Fashion Me Chic: He really does have good I agree, bloggers are taking the fashion world by storm and even the smaller ones like us can help bring the change. :)


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