Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bring on the rainy weekend

So apparently I'm leaving the wonderful 90 degree weather in Georgia for a rainy 58 degrees in Chicago. That sucks. As I scramble to start packing, I realize that there is no way I am fitting 4 days worth of stuff including warm clothing in a carry on bag, but it seems like an overkill to pay $20 to lug a checked bag which I also risk getting lost (I've gotten quite a few bags lost from airlines). I may just pack my dresses that I had planned on wearing anyway and pack 1 jacket. So much for the wonderful weather that I had been hearing Chicago was getting...

 Dress from TJ Maxx (i think)

TJ Maxx and Zara finds

I went to Zara with the intention of buying one of those bright colored blazers in purple, but I just couldnt justify leaving the store with just that 1 blazer for 80. Hopefully it will pop up as a bday gift.


  1. Just dont pack anything and when you get there go buy what you need at H&M. ;)
    I love Chicago. Have fun for me too!

  2. Just came from Zara myself and only went in for one thing (which I got) then ran out! There are sooo many things in there that my eye caught!! Loving this dress on you, especially the neckline!

  3. That maxi is gorgeousness!

  4. you're too cute. love the enormous bag and the print on that dress! gorgeous!

  5. You look gorgeous, honey!Love the maxi!xoxo

  6. OMG. I love your maxi dress. That design is gorgeous. Maxi dresses are my favorite trend right now! :) Great post. Love your Zara finds too! so cute!

    Thanks you so much for stopping by Fash Boulevard! I would for you stop by again soon! xoxo

  7. Thanks for the comments guys!


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