Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mojitos and My Special Skirt.

Finally made a drinkable Mojito! Lol! I realized that I was totally leaving out an important ingredient which was lime. I found a recipe off of but hated it. One, it had no lime in it; Two, I ended up having to double up and triple up on things in order to get it to taste decent. Random but anyone else excited for Cinco de Mayo???

So whats so special about this skirt you ask? I'm sure it may just look like a blah skirt to some of you but the awesome thing about this skirt is that it use to be a dress. After some frustration with trying to find a seamstress to make alterations to some of my clothes for a reasonable price, I made an impulse buy and invested in a sewing machine. Of course it doesnt sound absolutely ridiculous, but being that I can barely hand sew a button on it very much is. After 2 long hours of watching tutorials. I was able to configure my new sewing machine and sew a straight line, buttons, and all the basics. I decided to tackle my first project. I had this dress that my sister bought me for my last birthday but I have never worn because I thought that the dress made me look even younger that I already look. So I started chopping it up and TADA! I even have a belt which can substitute for a little necktie/scarf. What do you guys think! I am going to try tackling another skirt tomorrow!

Love the detailing on my Blowfish Sandals

Keno being goofy


  1. That's awesome work for your first machine sewing attempt! I think the dress came out super cute (and I can see how it would make you look younger as a full length dress, what with all the baby pink and stripes and such).

    Plus, awesome bonus that you landed a matching scarf out of your dress revamp! Great work!

  2. yay! rach got a sewing machine! i promise you it will be a new love. you will find yourself on rainy days wondering what you can alter or make. the skirt turned out really cute though!

  3. Great look, honey!Love the sandals!xoxo

  4. Yummm at that mojito you just made me crave one at 11 in the morning lol Where did you get your recipe?!? I have always wanted to tackle that drink! :)

  5. You keep teasing us with your sunshine.
    Have a wonderful weekend Rach!

  6. Thanks for the comments guys!!
    @Jess: I am soo glad I purchased one. I have literally come up with so many projects that I want to tackle.
    @Liz: I actually used this recipe but I recommend adding like 2 more tablespoons of sugar.


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