Sunday, March 27, 2011

DIY Wire Head Bands

No, I will not pay $15 for a headband that I can make at home...

Materials I used:

 1. Measure 40 inches (my head is small, i did 37in) of material length ways & mark the spot.
2. Next Measure 4 inches across as the width of the headband.

 3. Cut out rectangle. You should have 40in x 4in.
4. Fold rectangle in half.

 5. Cut ends of both sides to make them pointed.
6. Cut wire about 40 in (the length of your fabric)
7. Bend ends of wire into a loop (as shown in picture)

 8. Flip fabric with pattern facing inwards.
9. Sew fabric all the way around leaving a tiny hole big enough to insert wire through and to allow you to pull fabric back out through.

10. Flip fabric back pattern out by pulling it through the hole.
11. Insert Wire and sew up small hole.

 12. And you're done!!!

 I made them in a couple of different fabric patterns


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