Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dire Need of An Eyebrow Threading

So in preparation for New Years Eve, I decided that my eyebrows were in dire need of a threading (See hideous Before pic below...) I was kind of putting it off because for one thing, I was trying to grow my eyebrows back in so they would not suffer from overthreading. Secondly, if I go too long without doing it, it hurts just as much as it did the very first time I got them threaded, which was like hell.

What exactly is eyebrow threading? Well, it is a hair removal technique where your hair is removed by twisting a double stranded thread (made of cotton) around the hairs on the skin. Once the hairs are woven into the thread, they are then pulled out.
Why I love eyebrow threading? It last sooo much longer for one thing (like normally about 3 weeks for me before I have to start tweezing or get it done again. It is more precise so there are no ooops mistakes which leave you drawing in your
They look more natural to me after threading than with waxing or tweezing. I will never EVER go back to waxing.
Well here are the before and afters... 



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sleeves or No Sleeves

Just came back from getting my eyebrows threaded and oh the pain. I haven't done it in a while so it was definitely time for it (I have look my best for New Years Eve). Also purchased some last minute Christmas gifts for people that I knew I wouldn't see till after Christmas (is that bad?). I still don't have plans squared away for the New Years Eve party :/ but still excited that its almost here. Anyway, got to run because I promised boyfriend a romantic Italian dinner in the next 2 hours. By the way, here's what I wore today...

 (love the lace shoulders)

Outfit Details
sleeveless sweater - Ann Taylor
blazer & belt - H&M
jeans - Nordstrom
boots - Steve Madden

Monday, December 27, 2010

A New Year Is Knocking On the Door

Hello Guys! I hope that you all are enjoying the holidays. I know that I definitely am! So sad that Christmas has come and gone so quickly but I am soo excited for the new year. Did you guys manage to score any awesome gifts? For me, my favorite gift was the Tiffanys necklace that the my boyfriend gave me. I am super excited! I guess he loved my reaction to the first Tiffanys gift he got me soo much that he decided to see if it would work a second time (little does he know that any piece of jewelry excites me).

Well, to add to my excitement my boyfriend and I will be throwing our first New Years Eve House Party. How awesome is that? I've never really thrown anything beyond a small dinner party by myself (boyfriend has yet to give any feedback beyond 'sounds like a great idea babe' so yes, by myself) before so this should be interesting. I absolutely refuse to spend $100 on a night this year, just to end up with ruined shoes, pneumonia from standing in a long line, and spending too much of my time sitting in traffic (LOL!). At the moment I am putting together a full playlist of music to keep the beats coming all night. Tomorrow will be shopping for decor and party favors. Hopefully by Wednesday night, I will have put the finishing touch on my outfit and gotten a confirmation on the guest list so I can spend Thursday (last minute I know, but hey) putting together the food and beverage menu. Soo much to do with soo little time. I want to find an awesome disco ball tomorrow ::fingers crossed:: Anyone have any ideas for a punch that won't stain carpets? This will be very very In other news, I plan on hosting my very first giveaway next week to bring in the new year...yay me! Anyways, I would LOVE to hear how you guys will be spending your New Years? Anyone else throwing a party or have any ideas for a New Years Eve Party??

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays! I know that I am. Loads of family and tasty food. Have a safe holiday and Merry Christmas! For those who celebrate Hanukkah, I hope that you enjoyed it fully. For those who may celebrate anything else, I hope these next couple of days are enjoyable wherever you may be!

Yum Cookies We Made

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cool Finds: Fashionistas I Met And Liked

 So my bff gave me this book the other day and I loved it soo much, I went to JCrew to buy a few for stocking stuffers. They come in 3 or 4 other colors and have blank pages for writing or in my case, I will use it as an inspiration book with cut outs from magazines and articles. It is also easier to take around as opposed to an inspiration board. The other cute titles I saw were Doctors I Like and Hipsters I met and like (or some variation of that). Best yet, they were only $10! Cool way for me to document my current obsession with Miroslava Duma. If you can't them at JCrew, Amazon had a few left last time I looked. In other news...

This is what I wore today......

 Outfit Details
 skirt - Forever 21
vest- H&M
boots - DSW
jewelry - Charming Charlies

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fish Taco Love

Words cannot express my love for fish tacos, hence my having fish tacos 4 times within the past 5 days from 4 different restaurants. You would think that I would have learned how to make them myself by now, but no. I have been absolutely lazy. Anybody else share my love for fish tacos? Anybody know any good recipes for fish tacos that they can share so I can go easy on my wallet while enjoying one of my favorite dishes? LOL!
Bone Fish Grill's Baja Tacos

La Parilla's Ensenada style fish tacos

Bahama Breeze Fish Tacos

Cheddar's Restaurant Fish Tacos

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Last Minute Holiday Gifts All Under $30

If you're anyone like me then your Christmas shopping won't be completed till Christmas Eve. Any if you're exactly like me, there is always that one person who you did not expect to buy you a Christmas gift, but they did. So now you're in oh crap mode and scrambling to come up with a gift that is simple and inexpensive, yet doesn't look like you came up with it last minute. If only people couple provide early notice to you that they will be buying you a gift so you don't look like a butt head while telling them that their gift is at the house and you will drop it by. I know, Christmas isn't about expecting a gift back, but you feel somewhat obligated to give back when someone was so thoughtful towards you. I can't possibly be the only person with this problem. I try to keep extra gifting items around nowadays just in case, but the oh crap moment is absolutely inevitable.
1. Anthropologie Whirly Twirly Clutch - $28: It comes in 3 gorgeous colors. Perfect for any fashionista I think.
2. Forever 21 Cordless Sewing Machine - $15.80: So I thought this was just the cutest little thing. F21 sells cute little sewing machines? Go figure. Is it bad that I don't know how to use a sewing machine? I can sew a button though, that counts right? I promise myself that I will learn one day, but this is soo cute and inspires me to want to do some little projects.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inspired By... Belted Blazers

Selita Ebanks - Google Images

Wardrobe Update! I love belted blazers. Blazers normally look extremely professional to me, but try adding a belt to it to make it a lot more casual. A bright colored belt or even something simple can make that extremely formal looking blazer look more trendy and chic!

 My Sister and I

 My Outfit Details
jeans - J Brand
boots - Blowfish
blazer - Forever 21
belt - Nordstrom
jewelry - Target

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Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Friday!

Happy Friday Guys! I hope that your week was awesome. I have been having a great time hanging out with my family. Today is suppose to be an 'Inspired By' day, but it will not be being that I am soo behind with posting other things that I wanted to get up so I will try to save that post for tomorrow. I feel terrible about getting off track, but I've been extremely occupied. Anyways, this is exciting because my sister let me take pictures of her also.

 My new peacoat!

 Outfit Details
cardigan - random
skirt - Forever 21
boots - DSW
coat - Miss Sixty
jewelry - Charmin Charlies

 My sister Nina!

Outfit Details
cardigan - Target
tights - TJ Maxx
boots - Uggs
coat - Kenneth Cole
accessories - Forever 21

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Is....

Christmas is getting near guys and I am soo excited, but somewhat exhausted. Christmas is soo many things to me: For one thing, celebrating Jesus's birth! I can't wait to exchange gifts with the boyfriend (better be jewelry). I am hoping to light the fireplace sometime soon. Watching Cheesy Christmas movies. Making my shopping lists and making sure I got everyone. Buying Christmas Cards. Blasting my favorite holiday tunes. Giving money to charities. Lots of family and food. Load of lights. Seeing friends that I haven't seen since last vacation. Enjoying what I do have. Baking cookies. Eating the cookies. Secret Santas. Watching small children open up their toys. Watching grown adults open up their toys. Wishing for more snow because we don't get much. ♥

1. The Ginger Bread house that for some reason took my sister and I forever to put together (I don't even like!).
2. My sister's soo cute dog who let me tie a bow on her.
3. Me out Christmas shopping
4. My bff's beautifully decorated Christmas tree

Miss Sixty Pea Coat

Love this Miss Sixty peacoat that I got today. It is kind of like an early Christmas gift. I love love love it because it fits like a glove and is double breasted. I love the hardware and I got it in navy blue. I debated between turquoise and navy blue. Got to test it out today and snap some pictures. My days have been very holiday-ish and I have been snapping pictures here and there but have yet to get around to posting them. I will try to get them up soon! Keep Warm!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

::Singing:: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

A few little things that I am loving right now...

Tarte's Frxtion is a sugar based lip exfoliant and lip balm stick.  
What they say it does:  Frxtion features exfoliating sugar crystals and vitamin E vanilla lip balm to soothe, calm and protect lips. A built-in mirror on the cap allows for on-the-go application. 
What I love about it:  My lips are always peeling, especially during the colder seasons. The exfoliant portion of this stick gently rubs off all of the dead skin on my lips and the balm portion moisturizes my lips. I have been using this everyday and love how my lips feel. The balm also works wonders under glosses and lipsticks. I highly recommend it if you're looking to try something to help your dry lips. The price is great for what it does AND it comes with a little mirror that pops out.

Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Pencil is an eye pencil that comes in a variety of colors.
What they say it does: Glide on color that stays put for the duration of your non-stop, on-the-go day! These cushiony, creamy eye pencils deliver powerful, vibrant color that slides on smooth and stays soft and creamy for blending (about 30 seconds), then dries to a long-lasting finish that won't budge. Line eyes with a hint of color or go for the full artistic, multi-hued effect. 
What I love about it:  They are pricey but soo worth it. They don't irritate my contacts or eyes. They are creamy and go on smooth. They blend very easy and last pretty much all day. I've used MAC, Makeup forever, Sephora, Revlon, Covergirl, the list goes on and on, but this one is by far my favorite.

French Toast Kind Of Day

 This morning I actually had time to cook a full breakfast which was really awesome because I have been soo in the mood for french toast lately. I especially love IHOP's french toast so I found this recipe that somewhat replicates the taste of it. I actually add in ground cinnamon or sometimes a cinnamon and sugar mixture to it but thats my preference. Try adding half a tsp of it; soo good I promise!

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