Monday, November 29, 2010

Inspiration: Blues

Thanks to all of the followers and readers of my blog! I sooo appreciate it!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bumming It In My Sweatshirt

Today was a super casual, super comfy day. I have been soo tired during this holiday weekend between the shopping and the family so I am totally spent. I was too lazy to put real clothing on today, but I still had to go out into the public. Trying to decide on a lazy day outfit for the day for me always begs the question...Is it ever okay to wear sweats in public? Many people would say no. I have yet to do it, but I don't see a problem with them as long as it is not an everyday thing. I remember the girls back in undergrad who made sweats an essential part of their outfits + messy bun + uggs and it made me cringe to see them in it every single day. But I don't see anything wrong with it occasionally as long as your sweatpants aren't extremely baggy. On another note, what do you guys think about Uggs? I admit that when I first saw them I thought that they were Uggly and had no shape, but I must also admit that they have grown on me now and are super warm and comfy. I wouldn't wear them everyday though. What do you guys think?

F21 top, tank, and tights

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Shenanigans

Truth: I've done the Black Friday thing for the past 7 years now.
Truth: I've never scored anything beyond a couple of dvds or so that would warrant me to continually do it every year, yet I still wade through the craziness every year.

Hopefully your Thanksgiving was wonderfully! Mine was great! Lots of family, many things to be thankful for and loads of food!

Then the shopping madness began around 12 midnight. We did the outlets at midnight then Kohls at 3am then target then the mall. I usually try to stay away from Walmart and Bestbuy, not that anywhere else isn't just as crowded, but...

This was the line for Kohls...ridiculous! The line stretched on for what seemed like a mile and to make it worse, it started raining.
I took this one with my iphone. This was the line to park at the outlets. I'm not sure when I slept. I still need some sleep. I scored a couple of things but yet again nothing I couldn't have purchased any other day for just a bit more. I think that Black Friday has more or less just become a tradition for my sisters and I. We just enjoy doing it together even with all the stress.
A few of the random things I scored were...

 I've been really wanting to try a pair of these glasses so I was able to buy these for cheap at the outlet

 Blazer from F21

 Shorts from F21

 Cardigans like this one from the outlets

Also purchased some gifts for others, some dvds, and some stuff for the dog. I'm running on 4 hours of sleep right now though so hopefully you guys will hear from me tomorrow because my pillow is singing sweet songs to me right now. HAPPY FRIDAY!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to the 70s

No, my outfit is not inspired by the 70s time period, rather the temperature has managed to climb its way back into the mid 70s. Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is knocking on the door and I am still able to venture outside bare legged. I purchased this skirt a while back and still haven't worn it so I decided to break it out today since it was soo warm. I am also wearing my new Jeffrey Campbells! Yay! I absolutely love them and am now making it my goal to own another pair of Jeffrey Campbells by the end of the year, well maybe not because I have been saving for a certain pair of Elizabeth and James; BUT these are soo comfortable and I absolutely love his designs. I am also carrying my F21 clutch which is super cute! Wish I would have gotten a better picture of my skirt (didnt realize my clutch was always in the way, lol!) for you guys but you can see it here.

Ignore my scrawny ankles, LOL!

Outfit Details
jacket - Nordstrom Rack
accessories - F21
boots - Jeffrey Campbell Ninety-Nine

So I don't have my ornaments for my tree done yet thanks to the guy in my life who decided to wait last minute to do EVERYTHING! Reason being, So my boyfriend called me last night before he got off of work (probably around 8pm or so) to tell me how all of his coworkers were excited about the macaroni and cheese he bragged about making for their Thanksgiving potluck today. Yet, he also told me last night that he forgot to ask me over the past weekend if I would make him a few trays of mac and cheese for his potluck today. Granted I make a mean mac and cheese, I was soo upset that he waited till the night before to ask and I had to stay up till 2am because I had to run to the grocery store and then cook and bake it. Sigh, too bad I can't be mad at my photographer for long. HAPPY TUESDAY!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Rocking Essie's Chocolate Kisses

I am a huge fan of Essie nail polishes and decided to try out a new color today. I am rocking Essie's chocolate Kisses on my nails and toes. It is a creamy dark chocolate color. Don't look too closely as I am not the best nail polisher in the world...LOL!

Another Monday...

Simple outfit for today. Decided to test out my combat boots and decided that next time I wear them I will tuck in the shoe laces because I had too many problems with having to re-lace! Felt like a problem I had back in kindergarten. Nothing special today though. Purchased some stuff to start making my ornaments this past weekend; pictures will be up probably tomorrow. I also have to load up some pictures of a couple of recent purchases and my new favorites at the moment. Also expect loads of food posts this week as it is Thanksgiving week and there will be an abundance of food.  I'm trying to come up with some ideas for my blog as far as maybe a small series or something that I could do each week to keep things more interesting...stay tuned!

What is on your Black Friday search list? Do you guys get a rush out of being up at 5 in the morning with crowds of people shopping till you drop? My sisters and I definitely do.

 Love these earrings!


Without the scarf
 Outfit Details
dress - H&M
jacket - LC Lauren Conrad
scarf- Pimkie
boots- Gojane
tights - Target
accessories - F21, Karmaloop, CharmingCharlies

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Inspiration

As much as I am soo siked about having to spend Wednesday and Thursday morning in preparation for Thanksgiving festivities, I am also excited about putting up my Christmas decor. Here are a few photos that I am using as inspiration for what I want to do as far as Christmas decor is concerned.

I have been really into gold, white and silver Christmas decor... probably all my life. LOL! I don't know, I have never really liked having every color of the rainbow on our Christmas tree. I am more of a pick 2 or 3 colors person and stick to it for the season. Change it up next season if you wish, but that's just me. I have already started to buy some silver decor, but I am unsure as to what other colors I want to use this year.

There's something sooo beautiful about this to me...I think that in addition to the Christmas tree I might do something like this in another room of the house.

This decorated tree reminds me of the one my parents will be putting up this year.

I wanted to try decorating my some of my own ornaments this year kind of like this one.

What is your inspiration??

Friday, November 19, 2010

Chunky Cable Knits

I am soo obsessed with anything cable knit right now. I got this sleeveless sweater a few months back as part as Nine West's Vintage America Collection. It is sooo warm, I kind of wish it had sleeves so that when the temperature drops even lower, itll be even more cozy. Needless to say, I am looking for a huge cable knit sweater in grey for the winter. Like this one from Victoria Secret... Ooo, and maybe even a cable knit sweater dress like this one. It's funny because I remember most cable knit sweaters looking frumpy in the past. I am soo glad that they've received a much needed update. What about you guys?

Outfit Details
blue sweater - H&M
cable knit sweater - Nine West
jeans - F21
wooden earrings - random
bag (love this bag) - F21
boots - DSW

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Outfit, Quicker Post

Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go right now..I was suppose to be at the opening of a friend's store like an hour ago. Needless to say I have no time to write what I am writing right now. LOL! Hopefully he will forgive me, but I really wanted to make sure I posted something today. I had a post either last month or in September where I styled this blazer, but here it is in a different outfit. I was in such a hurry and forgot to shoot with my bag, so just picture an Alexander Wang Rocco on my arm. LOL! Hopefully another post tonight, but definitely tomorrow!

Outfit Details
pants - True Religion
blazer - Nordstrom
vest - H&M
hat - Urban Outfitters
jewelry - Kohls, H&M, Charming Charlies

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